And the best saga BEGINS

First chapter of volume 23, Translated by KUROU (big thanks to him) and the proofread was done by our Godfather MOFOGoku.

This wasn’t planned to be released today due to some issues, but in the end, I found some time and VOILA!

I hope that I didn’t messed up, and if by any chance I did, I’ll fix the errors in the Tank release.


Next Time, it’ll be chapter 459 from the Buu ARC.


For the slam dunk Fans, Next release will be the full tank of volume one, I already finished the first 3 chapters(their second versions, with more cleaning and smaller size) and thanks to illya, I have the scripts for chaps 8 and 9.

I’ll try my best to release this next week

About The Androids/Cell Saga

3 releases in one week! To the point of hating photoshop!

On a side note, this chapter was translated by me (about 70%) thanks to google trans, and it’ll be the same for the upcoming chaps.

For the Androids/Cell Saga, I decided to work on it. Thanks to Kurou who’ll be the translator for this saga. Well, Nothing is 100% Confirmed yet, but I love to be optimiste. the buu saga schedule won’t suffer from this new work since I’ve dropped two projects(not Slam Dunk).

Meanwhile, enjoy the latest chapter:

Chapter 458