Son Goku Kaeru

Finally, I had my year! HOOOORAAAAAAAA!! After a loooong struggle, I’ve cleared my real first obstacle in this life. Some times Failure give you an important experience. For me the key of success was to NEVER GIVE UP, and one thing else, Don’t mind the opinions and advices of other people, because the best adviser in this life is YOURSELF. Chapter 477

Son Goku no Nokosareta Jikan

ANd I’m back!
after a little break from the manga world, and a 45 days straight of studies, I’m back for some regular releases.
I had a hellish summer, while my family was enjoying their times with trips, beach and sight seeing, I was buried alive
under my books.
I’m working on a side story from shiki, so stay tuned for the ones who’s interested!

Chapter 476