Kuromaku no Saigo…

Finally the day has come where sakuragi hanamichi will start his official debut on this blog.
You can’t imagine how much time and energy took me to finish this small volume (236 pages).

I resumed the work on the 4 last chapters (8-11), which had lead me to REDO the previous seven chapters.
indeed, there was a lot of mistakes, typos and incompleted cleaning… plus, I wasn’t at ease with my current fonts, so I made some changes… and now I feel more satisfied.

I haven’t decided yet on the release schedule, is it going to be a single chapter release or an entire volume?
I think i’ll let you decide…

A small note regarding the translation;
if anyone would like to retranslate slam dunk, i’ll be so grateful. in the meanwhile, i’ll continue using the old version.

SD Volume 01


As for the second release of the day, I’ve a small comment about my editing…
The sound effects were for a long time a real nightmare… sometimes I forget what type of fonts I used. and when you check
the whole tank release, you’ll certainly find this little mess. but now, the problem is solved. from now on, i’ll use only two fonts.

DB 466