Two Years…

Been two years since the kick-Off, 5 tanks, and over 80 chapters…
Nice stats, for someone who almost done everything on his own.
Big thanks for the people who helped and are helping me (mofogoku, code, yamane, Jolundus, BJ)
Big thanks to the awesome readers and followers.
And no this is not a goodbye, it’s just a reminder for my gratitude toward the persons concerned

chapter 490

chapter 491

Gotenkusu ni Jishin Ari!!

At last a chapter for you! I’ve been really busy these last months for many reasons, and my free time have shrinked once again! But rest assured, I’ll finish the last two tanks in time(??).
For the ones who are asking about slam dunk; I’ve many reasons for delaying the releases, one is it’s poor download stats, and that is really comprehensive since the old scans are good enough. But that’s not why I started working on it in the first place ,I’m doing slam dunk kanzenban for it’s HIGH Quality. So I’ll speed things up once I’ve finished with DB.         And as always pardon my poor engrish!

Oops! I almost forgot. Here’s a little Quiz for you… How could piccolo speak with the kids in the ROOM??????

QuizChapter 489