And another murder….

Chapter 03


I’m Back!!!!!!!!

Hello there,

I’ve been away for a looooong time now, almost a year, Due to mostly the absence of motivation that came along with the pirated digital copies of many many series…

Long story short is that I found a serie to work on it, Kindaichi’s casebook, It’s a joint project with irregular scans, which they’re doing an amazing job with the serie, Huge thanks for their serious work. Here’s their Bato link

For now, I’ll be doing case n:14, the graveyard island, which covers volume 19 and a part of volume 20 , I’ll release a chapter a week (???)

As for Slam Dunk, I’ll resume the work (Already have 5 chps cleaned), Once again, If someone want to help me with this project, all I need is a typed text file of the old scans translation, It’ll give the project a real boost!

And for Dragon Ball, I’ll release the remaining chapters all at once, soon…

That’s it, Glad to be Back………….


File 001

Son Gokū Saigo no Gattai!!

It took me more than a year to finish this volume, I like to call it the fusion volume [Ch.487-Ch.503]. I hope that the last volume & maybe the rest of the cell saga won’t take this long.

3106 v33_3d_b

Many things happened in the last months, Dragon Ball Super was Super lame at first because of the huge dragging of the first arc, and thankfully it got better later and now it’s one of my favorites, many teams dropped everything (Red Hawk Scans-Imperial Scans-Souka Scans…), Some people got arrested in japan (for scans), a HUGE amount of official english digital manga releases’ve been leaked! and of course MANGASTREAM picked up almost every popular series (now they’re doing 32 series).

I’m currently working on Slam Dunk volume 2 (How much it will take? have no Idea) and chapter 504 of DB (it will be ready in two-three days).

That’s all! see you next time!

Time to be back!

Hello dear followers, it’ve been more than 4 months… many things happened during the time, and I was seriously thinking of dropping this blog. but now everything going smoothly once again, and I have some time to spare…

So, I’ll resume my work on dragon ball (vol33-vol34) and I might resume the cell games as well (maybe I’ll ask for help).  as for the other projects, I’m not sure and I think I’ll keep them on Hiatus for now.

Chapter 502!

Kyūseishu Tōjō!?

I forgot to mention this in the last post;

Big thanks to everyone who shared their opinions about the filters, and it seems my old cleaning was the obvious winner. That means that I have to try harder.

As for Dr.Slump, I’ve dropped the scan project because the official release was leaked. But, because I dislike the huge dirtied resolution of the off. release, I’ve started editing the thing into a reasonable size. and here’s an example.

Dr. Slump v8-005 Dr.-Slump-v8-005_my version











As for new projects, I won’t take any at the moment.

Chapter 501


I’ve got to admit, it’s been too long since the last chapter. and of course many reason for than, one of them is RAMADAN. A s for the other reasons, I’ll reveal them in the near futur…(some projects).

Chapter 499

** I’ve tested some filters and came up with those results; So, I really need your opinion about my new testing cleaning, so tell me which one is better;

Example 01





Example 02